Appeals within the Student Organization Review Process

A student organization found in violation as a result of a hearing may appeal the finding(s) and sanction(s) imposed. The appeal must be made in writing to the appellate officer (VP of SDES or designee) within ten (10) business days after the date the registered student organization was notified of the decision by the Director of SCAI.

Registered student organizations may appeal the finding(s) and sanction(s) imposed on the basis of one or more of the following:

  1. Irregularities in fairness and stated procedures of the hearing that substantially affected the outcome of the hearing.
  2. Discovery of new and significant information that would be likely to change the outcome of the hearing and that was not known or could not reasonably have been discovered and/or presented at the time of the initial hearing.
  3. The sanction(s) are extraordinarily disproportionate to the violation(s).

The appellate officer shall first determine if sufficient grounds for appeal exist and then, if so, the appellate officer may:

  1. Deny the appeal, thus sustaining the initial decision
  2. Alter the sanction(s)
  3. Return the case for a new hearing

The registered student organization shall receive a written decision to the appeal.¬†There is no definitive timeline for receiving an appeal response. It depends on many factors including the complexity of the case and the information mentioned in the appeal, as well as the appellate officer’s appeal load at that particular time. Decisions of the VP of SDES or designee reflect final agency action.