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The Community ReEngagement and Educational Development (CREED) Program is designated for a student or student organization to have the opportunity to demonstrate that in the period following the conclusion of the Student Conduct Review Process, they have taken steps to become a productive and engaged member(s) of the UCF Community.

For more information regarding the CREED Program, refer to the Golden Rule Student Handbook UCF-5.010.3 for students and UCF-5.013 for student organizations.

Punitive Sanction Reduction

Students must complete one semester of Disciplinary Probation, Deferred Disciplinary Suspension, or Disciplinary Suspension and ALL educational sanctions.

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Z Designation Removal

Students who have a Z Designation on their transcript are eligible to apply once the duration of their Disciplinary Suspension has ended and all educational sanctions are complete.

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Organization Eligibility and Applications Requirements

Student Organizations must complete one (1) semester of Organizational Disciplinary Probation, Organizational Deferred Disciplinary Suspension, or Organizational Disciplinary Suspension and ALL assigned education sanctions.

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