Rights Apply to a Student Disciplinary Proceeding

  • Timely written notice, at least seven (7) business days prior to each disciplinary proceeding, unless waived in writing.
  • The student may have, at their own expense and initiative, an advisor, advocate, or legal representative to be present and who can fully participate in the disciplinary proceeding.
  • The Student Conduct Review Process shall be conducted on the basis that the charged student is not in violation until the preponderance of evidence proves otherwise, except if the student accepts responsibility for the charge(s).
  • The student shall have the right to an impartial hearing officer for the formal hearing.
  • The University will provide the student with the opportunity to inspect all known information relating to the allegation(s), including inculpatory and exculpatory information at least five (5) business days before the informal resolution conference or formal hearing.
  • Parties may arrange for witnesses to voluntarily present Relevant Information during the proceeding.
  • The student shall not be forced to present self-incriminating information during a disciplinary proceeding.
  • The student reserves the right to remain silent. Such silence may not be used against the student.
  • The proposed findings and determinations, of “in violation” or “not in violation” on the charges shall be based solely on the information presented at the formal hearing.
  • Only if the proposed finding of the formal hearing body is that the student is in violation, will prior conduct history be reviewed and potentially affect proposed sanctioning.
  • The results of any formal hearing shall be made available to the charged student within ten (10) business days following the hearing.
  • For academic integrity cases, the results of any formal hearing shall be made available to the charged student within fifteen (15) business days following the hearing.
  • The student’s enrollment status shall remain unchanged pending the University’s final agency action in the matter, except in cases where the VP of SSWB or designee determines that the safety, health, or general welfare of the student, any individual, or any part of the University may be involved.


Please note, should the student fail to attend the scheduled formal hearing, the hearing will be held in the student’s absence and the proposed findings, including any recommended sanctions, will be made using the information available at the time of the scheduled formal hearing.


For detailed information regarding student rights during the Student Conduct Review Process, refer to UCF-5.009 in the Golden Rule Student Handbook.