Registered Student Organization FAQ

Organizational Rules of Conduct apply on and off campus.

Student Conduct and Academic Integrity will send a letter to the chief officer of the organization to their UCF organizational email, indicating the nature of the activity in question and what organizational rules of conduct were allegedly violated. If you received this letter, you were identified as the chief officer. If this is not accurate, please contact Student Conduct and Academic Integrity at 407-823-4638.

The chief officer will serve as the organization's representative in the organizational conduct review process.

Based on the information received regarding the alleged incident(s), the assigned Investigator may move forward with administering investigative surveys to gain a better understanding of the culture of the organization, member experiences, as well as any possible rules of conduct that may have occurred. The Investigator can move forward with investigative interviews for clarity and to follow up on information shared. During the investigative interviews, interviewees will be asked information they have regarding the incident or if they know of anyone who may provide direct information regarding the incident.

Failure to attend this mandatory meeting without a satisfactory reason for the absence, will result in immediate social probation until the organization completes the mandatory preliminary conference.

The organization will receive information as to why they are being called in, what organizational rules have allegedly been violated and how, and the rights the organization has through the process. At the conclusion of the mandatory preliminary conference, one of the following will occur: case dismissal, mediation, informal hearing, or formal hearing.

The chief officer may be accompanied by an advisor to all meetings and hearings.

To report alleged organization misconduct, please complete an incident report located on our website under Report an Incident.

Yes, individuals in the organization can be charged with a Rule of Conduct violation in addition to the group.