Organization Rights during the Formal Conduct Review Process

During the Conduct Review Process, Student Organizations have the right to:

  1. Be accompanied by an advisor to all meetings and hearings
  2. At least a five (5) business days written notice of a formal hearing
  3. Inspect and review any information in support of the charges, this information may only be reviewed by the chief officer or designee
  4. Not be compelled to present self-incriminating information
  5. Have a hearing conducted on the basis that the charged Student Organization is not in violation until the preponderance of the evidence proves otherwise
  6. Provide witnesses to voluntarily present relevant information during the formal hearing. The University cannot compel any person to attend a formal hearing
  7. Hear and question adverse parties who testify at the formal hearing
  8. The proposed outcome be based solely on the information presented
  9. Only have prior conduct reviewed by a hearing body if the proposed finding of the current case is in violation
  10. Receive the final decision within fifteen (15) business days following the hearing
  11. Have their registration status remain unchanged pending the University’s final agency action

Please note, should the Organization fail to attend the scheduled formal hearing, the hearing will be held in the Organization’s absence and the proposed findings, including any recommended sanctions, will be made using the information available at the time of the scheduled formal hearing.

For detailed information regarding Student Organization rights during the Conduct Review Process, refer to UCF-5.013 in the Golden Rule Student Handbook.