Organization Conduct Review Process

(1) Upon receiving an incident report, relevant information is reviewed and consultation with relevant parties regarding the incident happens.
  • Where deemed necessary to protect the health and safety of any individual, the student body, or any part of the University or its community, the Director of SCAI or designee, upon notifying the VP of SDES or designee, may take immediate action to resolve the situation by placing the registered student organization on interim organizational suspension
  • Interim organization suspension is preliminary in nature; and in effect only until there is a resolution of the conduct matter
  • Interim organization suspension is subject to review at a hearing within 10 business days to determine the status of the interim organizational suspension

(2) The case is assigned to an SCAI staff member

(3) SCAI will send a letter to the chief officer (usually the president) of the organization to their UCF organizational email, indicating the nature of the activity in question and what organizational rules of conduct were allegedly violated
(4) The organization will receive notice to attend a mandatory preliminary conference with the office of student conduct
  • Failure to attend this mandatory meeting  without a satisfactory reason for the absence, will result in immediate social probation until the organization completes the mandatory preliminary conference
(5) During the preliminary conference, the organization will receive information as to why they are being called in, what organizational rules have allegedly been violated and how, and the rights the organization has through the process.
(6) At the conclusion of the mandatory preliminary conference, one of the following will occur: case dismissal, mediation, informal hearing, or formal hearing.

Additional Procedures in Cases of Sexual Misconduct and/or Interpersonal Violence.

Where a registered student organization is charged with sexual misconduct and/or interpersonal violence, the procedures outlined in UCF-5.006(10) will apply in addition to the procedures of the Student Conduct Review Process.

For additional information regarding the Organization Conduct Review Process, refer to UCF-5.013 in the Golden Rule Student Handbook.

Options for Case Resolution of Disciplinary Charges

Case Dismissal

The Director of SCAI or designee may dismiss a case if it is found to not have sufficient facts or information to substantiate the claim of misconduct or the misconduct is not a violation of the organizational rules of conduct.

Informal Resolution Conference

At the discretion of SCAI, violations found not to warrant a formal hearing may be referred to an informal hearing. At the informal hearing the charged student organization has the opportunity to accept responsibility for the charges of violation of the Organizational Rules of Conduct.

At the informal level the matter will be settled by the following outcomes: punitive sanction (Organizational Warning, Organizational Probation, Organizational Probation with Restrictions, or Deferred Organizational Suspension) as well as educational sanctions.

The outcomes from an informal hearing process (decision of responsibility and recommended sanctions) are final and are not eligible to be appealed (UCF-5.010).

Formal Hearing

If an alleged violation of the Organizational Rules of Conduct is not dismissed or otherwise resolved, then SCAI shall provide timely written notice of the charges to the registered student organization at least seven (7) business days before the formal hearing.

The charged registered student organization may request either a panel or administrative hearing.

The charged registered student organization’s hearing shall only be open to the charged registered student organization’s chief officer or designee; the charged registered student organizations’ advisor, advocate, or legal representative; representative from the National Office (if appropriate); the hearing body; witnesses (when called upon); a representative from SCAI; a legal representative for the university; and a university staff member from an appropriate office (Office of Student Involvement, Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life, Recreation and Wellness Center, etc.).


Depending on the nature and severity of the alleged violation, SCAI may recommend formal mediation through the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities as an alternative to disciplinary action. The involved parties must each agree to mediation.

In the event that the participants do not agree to mediate or mediate but do not reach a full and final resolution, the case will be referred back to SCAI for disciplinary action through an informal or a formal hearing.