Integrity and Ethical Development Action Plan

Integrity and Ethical Development Action Plans are designed to assist students with:

  • strengthening their personal values and ethical standards
  • incorporating the UCF Creed into their everyday experience as a Knight
  • developing an understanding of how choices can impact one’s future
  • creating boundaries to protect one’s reputation to increase one’s ability to make thoughtful, purposeful, and intentional positive choices
  • building resilience skills in order to critically problem solve and work through situations in the future
  • moving forward from their experience so that they may fulfill their academic and personal goals

Each action plan is designed in collaboration and consultation with the student during an initial 90-minute coaching session with an SCAI staff member.

What Does an Integrity and Ethical Development Action Plan Consist of?

Components of an Integrity and Ethical Development Action Plan are comprised of a variety of tasks, exercises, and activities.  Components can include but are not limited to:

  • Article and Book Reviews
  • TED Talks & YouTube Videos
  • Resume Review with Career Services
  • Reflection Exercises
  • Meeting with Academic Advisor
  • Time Management Inventories
  • Leadership Assessments
  • Goals Setting Exercises
  • Mentoring by a UCF faculty or staff member

I have am required to complete an Action Plan, how do I schedule the Initial Coaching Session?

Before scheduling an initial coaching session, we ask for you to complete an Action Plan intake form. This intake form will assist the staff member in being prepared for your session.  Click here to complete the Action Plan Intake Form.

  • Once you complete the Action Plan Intake Form, please call 407-823-4683 to schedule an initial coaching session. The person who answers the phone has access to staff member’s calendars to determine a day and time to meet.
  • Be sure to mention to the person who answers the phone that you are looking to schedule a coaching session to complete an action plan.
  • Feel free to email Jennifer Wright, Program Manager, SCAI at if you have any questions or concerns.